28th July 2012


Don’t like #Vino ‘s win? Doper? Check your favorite

Lots of Scooby Doo type tweets out there, “Would have had it clean race if it wasn’t for those dopers.”   Vino won and will be tested. He was popped for doping as many have been in their past.  Run your favorite through this quiz, and you will see it’s hard to say who is “clean.” 

Take a rider and fill in the blanks…did they ride for ______ (Saiz, Riis, Johan, Lelangue) did they work with _______ (Ferrari, Fuentez, etc) _______  Do they train with or were they friends with______ (fill in any rider that has been suspended).  Did their results jump up drastically in one season in a discipline_____ (TT, climbing etc) or as a GC contender?

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